How It Works


Protect your photos and intellectual property on the web by adding your personal or business copyright. Every photo you take with Branded-Pix will be automatically copyrighted behind the scenes in the metadata – it is not visible, but it is there and your photo can be protected.


Branded-Pix looks for your brands and logos in your phone’s photo gallery. You can email a logo to your phone and save it to the gallery. (Tip: You can easily generate a logo on any online logo-generator; some are even FREE.) If you want to copyright your media, type it into the watermark section.


Branded-Pix gives you two choices! You can take pictures directly on your phone’s camera and then brand the photo after you’ve taken it, or you can take the photo directly from within the Branded-Pix Camera App after you’ve decided on the logo or watermark you want to use.


You can even run the Branded-Pix photo through the app more than once and additionally watermark or label photos you’ve already branded with your logo.     


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