Part One: Creating Logos for Use With Branded-Pix™

By: Sean Saliva

From the length of this two–part post, it will seem complex to create a logo. It’s not, and simple logos and watermarks can be accomplished in seconds. We deal with the quick and easy options in Part One. In Part Two, I deal with the more professional options.

The magic and power behind a properly designed and well-placed logo are invaluable to any business in today's global economy. Logos are at the forefront of any successful branding campaign. It doesn’t matter whether it’s on a letterhead, website, business card or social media post. A logo is the first thing people see from your business and hopefully, with enough repetition, what they will remember when they think of whom to purchase from! While it is not the silver bullet in marketing and branding strategies, its weight and influence cannot be overlooked. The logo is invaluable in setting the stage for your business reputation, online and offline. In this post, we aim to minimalize the learning curve when it comes to creating logos to use in any of your marketing activities, but especially for use with the Branded-Pix social media marketing app.

The Fastest, Easiest Option

First, Branded-Pix allows you to create a text-based or message-based “watermarks” that can function as a logo for free. You can input your business name and contact information, choose text and background color and font in a few seconds if you want to keep it simple. This is a great option if you want to personalize your message with holidays, event names, etc. Just go to “Manage Logos” and press the + key in the upper-right-hand corner, type in your information, choose the background and font color, the font style, save it, and away you go! Logo and or message in less than 30 seconds. Change it as many ties as your wish.

Simple, Free and Low-Cost Logo Generators

If you want something more sophisticated for your business, there are many “free” logo generators online that you can utilize to create a logo for yourself or for your business. Usually, all they want is registration which requires your email address, but sometimes, they want you to pay a fee, up to about $30, which is very inexpensive compared to having a logo designed for you by a designer, so make sure before your start the design process. These sites have limited stock images to use as background, but allow you to add your own text and other design elements.

Another option is to hire someone on the online site Fiverr www. or similar sites where there are plenty of logo designers who will give you two or three choices based on criteria you set for just $5. Just type in “logo” and look at all of the designers’ work styles, choose a designer, set your colors and criteria, pay your $5 and wait for the logo to arrive. You must pay up-front so if you don’t like anything returned to you as a choice, you must ask for revisions (some revisions are included) or choose another designer and pay another $5. This is still a very inexpensive option for getting a professional logo designed!

Important Note: No matter what method you choose for logo creation, you must be aware of the file extensions used for logos. The correct ones to use are .png or .jpg. Another consideration is the use of a background. Most professional graphic designers opt out of using a background as this makes your logo or watermark more professional in its presentation. You should also get your logo in black, white and color so that you have the ability to use it in multiple venues. Minimum recommended file size for web use is: 800x800 pixels. More about file types, and sizes in Part 2 of this blog post.

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