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Auto Brand Photos

Instantly add logos and watermarks to your photos. Market your business online with Branded-Pix. Low cost social media marketing for your group, business or events!

Copyright Automatically

Your photos are copyrighted instantly. Your copyright is added to your photo behind the scenes, to the image’s metadata, giving you an added level of security in identifying your online digital images.

Watermark Photos

Watermarking photos has never been easier! Branded-Pix allows you to add watermarks and other images from your phone directly to your photo. Just type in the message or event name, take the shot, and share!

One-Time Purchase

Get Branded-Pix today for a one-time purchase fee of $1.99. The lowest cost social media marketing tool available! You get free advertising on social media with all your branded photos.

Complete Logo Control

Set the location, size and transparency of your logo. Branded-Pix gives you full control over your logos. Add as many logos as you like. You can even brand photos multiple times, adding a message watermark to an already branded photo!

Brand Videos

Brand videos! Optionally upgrade to video ($9.99) and brand videos just like photos. Feel the power of instant video branding in the palm of your hand!

Branded-Pix for Everyone

Brand Your Work and Your Life!

Advertise your business, your products or services on social media, SMS Text, emails, and more. It’s simple, it’s fast, and virtually free exposure for your business, every time you post. Watch your sales and reputation grow with instant recognition of your brand over time! Entrepreneurs and small business owners create low-cost digital marketing strategies with Branded-Pix by branding shared photos using a logo or watermark, but that’s not all.

Branded-Pix for Personal Use

Practically everyone can benefit from using Branded-Pix. Attending a wedding or a family reunion? How about a soccer or football game? A birthday or holiday party? These are all perfect opportunities to use Branded-Pix! You don’t need a logo – use a watermark instead. Just type in the name and date of the event you are attending or even include the place or subject of the photo and snap away.

Personalize your photography by adding a watermark instantly to photos taken at events, without having to use a 3rd-party app to modify the pictures manually. Branded-Pix can even be set to take two pictures with one click so you have an original and a branded picture.



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